President Pro Tempore Handbook

President Pro Tempore Election

The Vice President shall oversee the Senate President Pro Tempore election. Candidates must be nominated by their fellow senators and speak prior to election. The PPT shall be selected from the candidates by a Senate majority vote. In the election, if one candidate does not receive the majority vote, the candidate with the least number of votes will be dropped from the ballot and a vote will be taken for the remaining candidates. The Vice President shall determine the method for resolving ties.

The individual elected to the PPT position is entitled to $750 per semester.

For additional information, including how a PPT vacancy is filled, see Senate Officers.

Duties of President Pro Tempore

Congratulations! You're the PPT. So what exactly do you do? Essentially, your duties consist of:

  • Nominating senators to committees

  • Picking committee chairs

  • Meeting with committee chairs on a weekly basis and assisting the committee chairs with any questions or help they need in their committees.

  • Enforcing attendance, while the standing laws state very specifically the attendance requirements, the PPT can add subjection to their enforcement.

Additionally, it is recommended that you attend all committee meetings. It in not uncommon for the PPT to remain active within committees and carry forward responsibilities from previous positions.

Weekly General Assembly

Before Session

You can expect to put in approximately 7-hours minimum prior to weekly meetings, but it is typical to put in a couple of more hours depending on things that are happening that week.

In Session

The PPT is actively involved in all Senate meetings and is an integral part in the organization and presentation of legislation. It is highly recommended that the PPT is well versed in Robert's Rules of Order to ensure each session remains organized and productive.


  • Senate Wiki

  • Senate Google Drive

  • AWS management app

  • The Senate Secretary

  • Committee Chairs

For more information or to request access to any of these services, contact the Chair of Public Records or a member of the Public Records Committee.

When confused about an administrative or bureaucratic duty, contact the VP, Secretary or an experienced Senator. Once you learn your role, performing your duties will become natural.

General Advice

Being the PPT is a fantastic way to get more involved in Senate. It's a large responsibility, but a good PPT will take that responsibility and go far with it. As PPT, you will work extremely hard. Senators will look to you for leadership, so lead. Do not tell someone to do something you are not willing to do yourself. Never be afraid to go to the Vice President or Secretary for advice or assistance - you are now a part of the Senate leadership team.

Be sure not to underestimate any of your powers or abilities. Also, don’t be afraid to delegate work to others. Recognize that you do not have to do everything on your own! Finally, be responsible with your position. You are now the face and brain of Senate. Not all senators get to hear what’s going on in each committee, but as PPT you have access to that information and get the privilege to interact with all of it.

Lead well, and best of luck in your term as President Pro Tempore.