Vice President Handbook

Spring swearing-in during chapel

The outgoing vice president is responsible for scheduling the swearing-in of executive cabinet during chapel before the end of the Spring semester. Contact the University Chaplain to determine the best time to do this.

Shirt Ordering

Shirts are ordered following each election (during summer for end of spring election). Summer funds are used. Currently, a two-part system is used. Shirts are ordered from a supplier, shipped, and then embroidered at Global Graphics (local graphics shop). This allows for a much larger selection of shirt design, whilst still utilizing Global's discounted embroidery pricing.

The Vice-President is responsible for determining who needs a shirt after an election (re-elected senators do not) and obtaining their shirt size. Once this information has been acquired, they will see how many extra shirts are left over. After that, they'll coordinate with Wanda Davis to purchase the remaining amount of shirts plus some more extras (VP's discretion, usually no more than ten). After shirts are delivered, they will be taken to Global and embroidered at our reduced rate ($6/shirt at time of writing). Shirts are then distributed at earliest convenience.

Current Shirts:

  • Men's:

  • Women's:

Note: Women's sizes run small with these shirts - senators should be informed of this and advised to compare to a current senator before submitting a size.