Financial Appropriations

Chair: Jason Byrne

Co-Chair: David Fuentes

Mission Statement

The mission of the Financial Appropriations Committee (FAC) of LeTourneau University is to allocate Senate funds in such a way that provides the greatest possible benefit to student organizations across LeTourneau University campus and to demonstrate the thoughtful and responsible stewardship of the funds with which it has been entrusted.

LeTourneau Student Senate Financial Appropriations Committee Club Funding Policies

Clubs and Organizations receive a portion of the Senate's budget every semester. The Financial Allocation Committee's goal with club funding is to distribute the allotted budget to best serve the student body. The Club funding budget is $10,000 per semester. The following are the requirements and guidelines for clubs receiving funding.

  • Each club must attend the mandatory clubs and orgs meeting. One officer of each club/org is required to attend. Attendance will be taken and a list of emails for each club/org will be available.

  • Each club requesting funding will submit a budget based off the budget template and a semester membership roster by midnight of the third Wednesday of the semester. The template and an example budget are linked bellow. Please note there are two tabs which need to be filled out on the spread sheet.

  • Clubs will be asked to present to FAC the 3rd Saturday of the semester to go over their budgets and give reasoning for their requests. If a representative from your club does not attend the meeting the decisions on your allocation will be made entirely off of your budget.

  • Clubs that do not fundraise or have member dues will NOT be considered for club funding.

  • The club funding bill will be presented in session the fourth week of the semester.

  • There is no “guaranteed” funding amount.

  • All funding decisions are at the discretion of FAC.