YAC Bylaws (Pending Approval)

Article I - Structure

Section A - Postions

  1. YAC shall consist of Coordinators, who take on specific responsibilities within YAC as directed by the YAC President.

  2. The following tasks are to be delegated to Coordinators:

    • Advertising and External Communications;

    • Budgeting;

    • Secretarial Duties and Notetaking;

    • Event Documentation and Recordkeeping

Section B - Selection

  1. YAC Coordinators shall be selected from among IMPACT applicants expressing interest in YAC.

  2. Applicants shall be required to complete the IMPACT application and approval process as defined by Student Life.

  3. Personal interviews shall be conducted for all candidates.

    • The current YAC President, YAC President-Elect, and Student Activities Coordinator are required to attend;

    • Current members of YAC shall be invited, but not required to attend;

    • Returning members seeking reselection are not required to reinterview;

  4. Input from all attendees of the interviews shall be considered.

  5. The final hiring decision for YAC Coordinators members rests with the YAC President-Elect and the Student Activities Coordinator.

Section C - YAC President

  1. The YAC President shall be the final authority with regard to YAC decisions, as defined by the Constitution, Constitutional Bylaws, and YAC Bylaws, except for as described below.

  2. The YAC President shall meet regularly with the Student Activities Coordinator.

Section D - Student Activities Coordinator

  1. The Student Activities Coordinator retains ultimate responsibility and authority for all matters regarding YAC, but shall delegate this authority to the YAC President whenever possible.

  2. The Student Activities Coordinator is a full-time member of Student Life and is not a member of IMPACT.

Article II - Finances

Section A - Compensation

  1. Compensation of the YAC President shall be determined by the Constitutional Bylaws.

  2. Compensation of YAC Coordinators shall total the following amount per semester:

    1. $3000

  3. Compensation of YAC Coordinators shall be divided evenly among all qualifying members.

Article III - Meetings

Section A - Coordinator Meetings

  1. YAC Coordinators shall meet regularly as directed by the YAC President or Student Activities Coordinator.