Meeting of February 15, 2024

February 15, 2024

Minutes Recorded by: Francis Ko

Visitor(s): Dr. Conn

Call to Order at 11:03 AM

Senator Hall prays

Roll Called

Minutes approved at 11:06

Officer Reports:

PPT Farmer: Elections are in full swing. We have the pizza bill today, and if anyone is interested in helping out with the debate itself, let me know.

VP Byrne: I would love to moderate that.

PPT Farmer: Let's do it.

Committee Reports:

PPT Farmer: For Lilith, it would be just that the debate night is on Saturday.

VP Byrne: Come to debate night, come to mess with the candidates and ask questions that LETU wouldn't want you to ask. The best question was "What are your thoughts on the school alcohol policy?" because everyone's face turned red.

Special Business:

Senator Daniel Ross sworn in

New Business:

Debate Night Funding Act of Spring 2024 brought up.

Debate Night Funding Act of Spring 2024 passed.


VP Byrne: There's probably a sporting event. The Exec. Cab dance is also this Friday. It's actually a dance.

Open Forum:

Chairman Ko: Who's been having hot water problems recently? (waits) So it's Thomas and Tyler Hall?

VP Byrne: Is the water heater gas or electric?

Senator Bessing: Gas

VP Byrne: I think it might be because the school's doing maintenance to the lines. There's been a plumbing truck out there for the past month



Motion to recess.

Meeting recessed at 11:20