Meeting of February 22, 2024

February 22, 2024

Minutes Recorded by: Francis Ko

Visitor(s): Dr. Conn

Call to Order at 11:04 AM

Senator Smith prays

Roll Called

Minutes approved at 11:09

Officer Reports:

Committee Reports:

Chairman Hancock: Debates are tentatively this Sunday at 7pm. As a reminder, there will be pizza. Please bring friends. If it gets cancelled, we'll let you know.

VP Byrne: It's pointless if airplane boy can't be there. Dr. Conn, would you mind if we cancel the debate?

Dr. Conn: Is there a constitutional problem? I understand that the only position with opposition has a conflict with a playoff basketball game.

PPT Farmer: We can suspend it. 

VP Byrne: We might be able to do it over discord - have one of those emergency meetings like we did freshman year. 

Special Business:

New Business:


VP Byrne: There's basketball games this weekend. Don't go in protest of the debate conflict.

Open Forum:

PPT Farmer: What's the story behind your off-road walker?

VP Byrne: We'll discuss that after session.



Motion to recess.

Meeting recessed at 11:13