Meeting of APril 11, 2024

April 11, 2024

Minutes Recorded by: Francis Ko

Visitor(s): Dr. Conn

Call to Order at 11:02 AM

Senator Bessing prays

Roll Called

Minutes approved at 11:03

Committee Reports:

Chairman Robinson: We're having ice cream as usual.

New Business:

New Constitution proposal is brought up


PPT Famer: We probably have sports games. I haven't looked. Hootenanny exists.

Chairman Smith: There's rugby this weekend and a go kart race starting at 6 this weekend.

Open Forum:

Chairman Robinson: I haven't bought ice cream this weekend yet, and considering all the events this weekend, is everyone okay with cancelling ice cream?

Chairman Hancock: I am hanging on by a thread, can I please have one outshine bar?

PPT Farmer: It is technically giving ice cream to a student.

Chairman Ko: I deeply apologize for being a month late on this, but the waiting period for auditing WAS has passed. Chairman Smith, do what you will with that information. 

--ChAoS enSues--

After a division of the house, Senate decides to follow through after a 9-7 vote, with one Chairman Smith being a notable swing vote.

Meeting recessed at 11:30